Al-Hijra Islamic School wishes everybody a safe enjoyable summer holiday     School carnival will be on Saturday, May 24, 2014 (12:00 pm - 4:00 pm)


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Welcome to the website of the Al-Hijra Islamic School (A.I.S) the first Islamic school in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Al-Hijra Islamic School was established in 1996, It is recognized by the Manitoba board of education and is a member of the federation of independent schools and follow Manitoba curriculum.

The school has expanded rapidly while consistently maintaining a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and striving for excellence in character and education that has made Al-Hijra Islamic School a leader in education and training.

The academic calibre of our teaching staff – professional educators who are at the fore front of their subject areas and our innovative project- driven and student based curriculum have raised the standards for students.

The A.I.S stays a breast of new developments in technologies and learning systems so as to give our students the skills and attributes they need to succeed in a global work environment.

The A.I.S website is your window to an exciting world of teaching and learning in a dynamic environment. I invite you to explore why A.I.S is a productive educational experience


Abdo El-Tassi
Chair of the School Board